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This week, we will show you the final decision for the story story/plot of the game

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As you know if you have been following this game's progression, this project was going to be a rhythm platfromer game originally. However, the ideas change drasticly in every production, so here is the final decision we've made for the plot and characters:

Game Story Summary: The little bird, our main character, is three weeks old, but he did not yet learn to fly. One day, his mother goes out to find some food to feed him, but as soon as she leaves the nest, a big gust of wind drags the poor little bird and his mother to a far-away place, separating them from one another. The little bird wakes up in a forest and starts his quest to go back to the nest and his mother.

Game flow outline: (game title) is a platforming game about the little bird who is trying to get back to his nest and his mother. At the beginning of his adventure, he finds one of her mother’s feathers that he can use to glide and fly upwards thanks to the help of some bees that are willing to help him. The player must walk through the forest, avoiding spikes and other obstacles and using the wind and feather to get back to the nest.

As you can see, we do not yet have a name for this game. So we wanna ask the reader to choose and write in the comments one of the following titles:

  • Where is my mommy?
  • You know where my mommy is?
  • Looking for mommy
  • Find mommy!
  • Brave little bird

We're counting on our followers to help us deciding important parts of the game to make it the best it can be.

Finally, as our game artist is deciding the visual identity of the game, we imported temporarily free background assets onto the project to have an idea of how the game can look, and here is a video showing it:

Thank for following the development of this project!

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