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We lost our artist, but the project moves on!Let's get to work

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The artist of our team has left the project, wich means we need to re-think about the game's art. We are trying to find a new artist for our project, until then, the project will still progress in terms of level design and programming.

We will show the level design ideas and programming demos.

  • Level Design:

In the beggining of each level, the player will have to travel to the right until they reach a point where they cant go foward. The player will need to explore the map trying to find a power up, the umbrella. This item gives the player the ability to fly upwards with the help of fans, destroying blocks and gliding.

All of the level design has been drawn on paper and adobe illustrator and then brought to the Unity Engine to test it out.

IMG 20210430 101339


The level will be devided in 12 design stages:

  1. Secure Platforms - Platforming segment with a ground so that the player can try again if they fall.
  2. Insecure Platforms - Platforming segment without the ground. If the player falls, they will be reset.
  3. Secure Obstacles - Obstacle segment with ground.
  4. Insecure Obstacles - Obstacle segment without ground.
  5. Pause - A big platform with no obstacles where the player can breathe for a moment before getting back into the action.
  6. Search for the umbrella - The player will be stopped from moving foward, making them explore the level for a power up.
  7. Umbrella - The player will find the power-up that will make him use the ground fans to rise up into the air, glide and destroy certain objects in the level. This power-up will let the player move foward through the level.
  8. Secure Fans - A segment with fans in the ground that the player can use with the help of the umbrella to get higher and reach other platforms
  9. Insecure Fans - A segment like the past one, but more challeging, having no ground where the player can step and rest.
  10. Checkpoint - After all the action, the player will have a final place to rest and save his progress before going to the ultimate challenge of the level.
  11. Fans with obstacles - This is were the final challenge starts. The player will use all the knowledge learnt from the past fases to rise up using the fans while avoiding various obstacles to the highest point of the game.
  12. Glide with Obstacles - After reaching the highest point of the game, the player will glide until reaching the end of the level. This segment will make the player glide while avoiding obstacles, a big risk to take until he reaches the goal.

This first level was referenced from the story intensity graph.

Throughout the level, the player will find collectible coins that will help gide him through the level and reward them for the risks they takes. In the end, the level will have a cycle of Learn-Risk-Reward.

  • Programming:

The following mechanics are now implemented:

  1. Movement
  2. Jump
  3. Umbrella Power-Up
  4. Fans
  5. Glide
  6. Destroy
  7. Obstacles

Thank you for following this project's development!

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