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This week we got many tips from our professors, so this week's updates consists of changing some of the ideas we previously had and making some final choices.

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We have the following updates:

  • This game will no longer be a rhythm game
  • It will be a simple platformer where glinding and using the wind to the player's advantage is the main mechanic.
  • The character will no longer walk infinitely to the right. Instead, the player will have full control of the character.
  • Choosing the final game title
  • Choosing the final game mechanic

We are currently thinking of two options for the game mechanic. Should the character glide using a wingsuit (more horizontal and fastest feeling) or an umbrella (more vertical and slower feeling)? And according to the choice made, what should the game title be? Please leave your answers in the comments section.

Article 03 Choice

We are sorry for everyone who was exited to play a new rhythm game and hear some songs, but these decisions were needed due to time constraints. Even tho all this changes were made, we hope everyone still gets exited for future updates and help us by saying your choices in the comments.

Thank you for following the development of this project.

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