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Our next major update 1.2 has launched and with it a new 3D mode!

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  • added in a new "3D Mode"
    • this can be enabled via a new option at the top-left of the options menu
    • this will convert the entire gameworld into using 3D models
    • this mode does not officially support mods like the "2D Mode" does
  • added a few new options (Shadow Distance, Shadow Resolution, and Use Antialiasing In 3D)
  • added new cursor icons when in 3D mode
  • added a timescale notification to the mini-UI
  • added a new camera in the background to fix some potential rendering issues regarding items layering over one another


  • changed the default camera position to slightly more behind the player instead of directly over them
  • changed the mini-UI to be on by default
  • changed the combat log to still be on while the mini-UI is selected
  • changed the icon graphic
  • changed the UI color option to be a UI transparency option instead
  • changed the map legend to have larger pictures of the icons underneath
    the item descriptions instead of smaller icons next to the name
  • changed the order of slave placements in the slave manager menu
  • changed several small UI aspects
  • changed the design of the deity shrine
  • changed the overall balance of the deity so that its two different stages are more noticeable in difference
  • removed the hard Iron-Man mode stipulation from the deity fight so that
    progress is not deleted when losing to the deity, this was done partially to accommodate to the new deity balance changes

Bugs Fixed:

  • fixed some changelog menus not being scaled properly
  • fixed some settings not being set properly on game load
  • fixed some legend pictures clipping out of the UI bounds (specifically the particle based ones)
  • fixed the following legend items having incorrect descriptions assigned
    to them (items, cattle, history marker, militia member, crop 1, crop 2, crop 3)
  • fixed the meat stew easter egg not correctly giving the item
  • fixed the historic marker location not showing up in Fort Bell when in combat in the Arena
  • fixed the button prompts for slave camps remaining on after pillaging the camps
  • fixed the shop menu backgrounds not changing color or transparency properly

We would like to thank you guys for the support, and we hope that our updates are helping to further our creation in a way that doesn't compromise our intended ideas but still meets a fair middle ground from some of the feedback that we have gotten.

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