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Our next major update 1.25 has launched and with it new useful options and changes!

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The next update for our role playing game Slave RPG is out now and features various new options and changes to help bring flexibility to the title.

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  • added a new camera style (third person)
  • added a new fullscreen mode (exclusive fullscreen) in the screen mode option, the old (fullscreen window) mode can still be selected
  • added a refresh rate option
  • added a more uniform UI stat display for menus that need it and removed duplicate listed stats
  • added a new Nutrition Rate difficulty option
  • added a new quickplay option to the main menu
  • added new hotkeys for combat (to use these properly, the *update content option must be selected for returning players)
  • added a new update content option on the main menu that will rebuild some files to help the game run properly with updates
  • added support for a future update that will include (new unlockables/post game content/game modes)

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  • updated the version of unity
  • changed the introduction to be slower to help prevent stuttering when in the main menu/starting a new game
  • changed (mostly) all NPCs to be properly standing upright when in 3D mode
  • changed all radiation fog to emit less particles to help performance costs
  • changed the framerate counter option to be in the UI options menu
  • removed some most back buttons from menus in favor of the universal "X" at the top right of menus
  • removed the additional extra border in the player/companion/enemy portraits

srpg 125 3

Bugs Fixed:

  • fixed the game not starting in 3D mode
  • fixed some audio effects playing on start up that shouldn't have
  • potentially fixed the game starting to a black screen and not grabbing the correct resolution

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  • changed the default fullscreen mode back to (fullscreen window)
  • changed the fullscreen option description
  • fixed a potential resolution flickering issue

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Hopefully this update will help alleviate some of the issues reported and help make the game more flexible to various set-ups. As always thank you guys for the support!

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