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Just wanted to share with you guys the estimated release time of the full version.

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Hello everyone,

Just wanted to share with you the estimated release of my game skysprinter and talk about its price and mods and what not. So the estimated release of the full version of skysprinter is going to be in late November or early December. I'm going to be fixing some of the bugs and what not and just giving it the final touchs. I might be selling it for a low price of like 50 cents to a dollar but i'm still not sure yet. Leave a comment if you think i should sell it or not. Now on to the mods. I have already posted a mod for skysprinter called skysprinter shooter (Link here: Indiedb.com). It is a basic mod that turns skysprinter into a first person shooter while still racing. Note:ALL MODS WILL BE FREE! You will not have to pay anything for mods! However I will be setting up a donations page soon if you would like to donate something.

Heres the link to the Early Access:Yofelix.itch.io

Here are all the screenshots i have taken so far:

Rainbow Twirl

Rainbow Twirl2

Rainbow Twirl3

Rainbow Twirl4

Rainbow Twirl5












-Felix Cormell

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