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Office and shop are two new room types that have been added to Skylimit Tycoon. The lobby light is now automatically adjusted as you expand your floor or build rooms. The mod editor has been improved with support for JavaScript editing with syntax highlighting and viewing models in different daylight.

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Holidays means more development time for Kendanware since we have other day jobs and we think that we've made pretty good progress recently.

Models and rooms

Stores with signs and automatic doors

We have added a couple of new models to the game, such as a wardrobes, store desk, store signs, whiteboard, office desks, office chairs, etc. So we've been able to create two new room types; office and shop. Shops have automatic sliding doors and signs above them as you can see in the picture and the office has a glass door.

Office with conference room, pentry and toilet

You can see the conference room, toilet and pantry as well as the office area.

The new room types are only visual effects at the moment, but we're working on to give them properties that our population can use to determine if they want to rent offices or go to shop something. But we still have a lot of work to do when it comes to game logic, stay tuned for more updates on that.


Some adjustments have been made to the user interface.

Display construction grid when expanding floors

The construction support grid makes it easier to see how much space is being built over. This is activated when you extend your floor or add rooms.

The economy window has a balance row and loans are also visible now, but you're not able to take new loans yet.


  • Added basic elevator logic. It will be possible to write your own elevator implementations.
  • Added spawn points for population. It's now possible for the population to enter and leave the map, but we don't have any animated characters to show you yet.


Glow map on street lights

Added support for model and floor glow maps. This means that we can show if a lamp is on or off. You can see the glow in the street lights.

Item lights are now added to rooms as well as ceiling lights and we've also added lobby light that are automatically adjusted as you build your floor.

We have also created more floor textures that we will use when making different variations of rooms.

Editor improvements

We have continued to improve the mod editor, which is an important tool for us to build the game, and it will also be available for you if you would like to make your own mods.

Display models in different daylight

The editor now supports looking at models in different day light and it's now possible to add new rooms as well as modify existing.

JavaScript highlighting in the mod editor

Another great thing is that we can now edit JavaScript for mods with syntax highlighting and some code completion (gives you suggestion what you can write) directly in the mod editor.

Updated website for Kendanware

We have also updated our company website [kendanware.com](kendanware.com) and we are also working on skylimittycoon.com, but nothing to show there yet.

Future work

We are implementing support for modifying items such such as lamps, chairs, etc from JavaScript, so that it should be possible to change interior looks when people are moving around in rooms. The next big thing is to get the world economy to work and start to implement the game play.

Please let us know what you think or if you have any ideas that you would like to share with us.

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