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A survival, multiplayer game on sky islands with an infinite world like Minecraft but without blocks! Everything is destructible!

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Hi guys and welcome back to another devlog about skyland! It's been another 2 productive weeks so let's dive right into it. I started off by finally implementing fall damage. Last time I only introduced the health bar which had no real effect yet so it was time to implement the other features as well. The screen gets grayed out with a red pulsating border when you are low on health or took damage.


My first planned dynamic entity is a kiwi because it is rather simple to implement. It doesn't attack and only runs away when it gets attacked. While trying to get it to work my game crashed a couple of times. Turns out it isn't a good idea to spawn a couple of thousand kiwis around the world, but here you go, the finished kiwi, it spawns in groups of up to 5, it panics when you punch it and drops kiwi meat and feathers.


The next thing I implemented was the goblin. If it is close enough to you it will get aggressive and will run towards you. After it hits you it will run away like a goofie and at a random point it will turn around and run at you again and so on. The goblin has a wooden mace which will be the next item that I add over the next 2 weeks. I am not sure yet what it will drop but probably some goblin meat, the wooden mace and maybe some coins which you can melt down into gold ingots in the future.

goblins 1

The last thing I worked on over the last 2 weeks were the campfires. Right now they spawn where goblins are so quite simple. I created a volumetric shader for the fire and the lighting works like in Minecraft based on voxel data.


If you want to get a more in depth look you can check out my devlog series over here: Youtu.be

haubna Author

As always feedback is very much appreciated! :D

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Looks awesome, love the flat lighting!

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haubna Author

Thanks! :D

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