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Hi guys, glad to see all of you! We are Mandragora Team, and we want to tell you about a new game!

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So, let’s move on!

As for gameplay, we combine a random-generated world, survival , fighting monsters, searching for food and weapons ala survival-horror, various upgrades and more.So, just imagine… Three months have passed since the end of World War III. Three months from the end of the world. One of the survivors, who hide from the scourge of biological weapons in the penthouse in most expensive hotel of the city finds its way down to salvation.

With one of main characters (all of them have their own unique stats and the passive ability), you will be in the search of salvation on your way down to the first floor of skyscraper flooded by mutants. Your character will need energy for exploration, which is being replenished (NATURALLY!) by food. Also food can be spent for healing in your penthouse base, where you can quickly access by repairng and using elevetors to certain floors of hotel.

First aid kits, firearms, ammunition in the savage world of Skyhill are very rare and worth like gold.

Each weapon in the game can be upgraded in the base; which itself can be improved too. Upgrade resources can be found during the game by exploring various locations, figthing, breaking weapons.

Skyhill is developed with Unity3D on all popular platforms: IOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Demo will be ready soon! Stay in touch and follow our blog and Facebook and Twitter accounts!

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