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The skills are associated with the power and attributes of each character. Four types of skills can be used and they are associated with different effects and forms than will show up on the tokens of invocation.

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Rise of Titans


The skills are associated with the power and attributes of each character. Four types of skills can be used and they are associated with different effects and forms than will show up on the tokens of invocation:

Primary skills

The primary ones change the outline of the token.

We find to provoke, a skill that serves when inside the contour of hexagons of your monster there’s more than one enemy. Then, with no other choice, you’ll have to attack first and destroy the enemy with the provoking skill.

And on the other hand, the flying skill which allows you to move three hexagons on the battlefield. But not only that, the skill also allows you to remove the penalization of zone. The creatures with this skill won’t see their movements reduced by being into the mountain or into the river.

Secondary skills

Among the secondary ones, which will be represented by a symbol engraved on the token on the low part between the attack and the defense markers, we can find the following skills:

Rank: This skill allows the creature to attack several enemies simultaneously. This attack materializes into a specific area. It will depend on the skill of each creature whether it can attack closer or further.

To damage first: This skill allows the creature to have priority on behalf others when the attack / defense stage begins. This has a very clear advantage: the power to attack just as she shows up on the battlefield.

Mortal touch: Skill of the creature that allows winning any other creature on the battlefield when the attack stage begins. Here the defense of the opposites doesn’t matter, beating means sending the enemy to the grave.

To damage two times: Skill of the creature that consists of the power to attack two times in the phase of attack / defense of the combat.

Carrion: Skill that’s principally of the class of zombies. When you manage to destroy a creature from you adversary’s band, your creature improves his attack and/or defense skills.

Last breath: Skill which only activates once the creature has been defeated and prepares to disappear of the battlefield; his last contribution.

Maelstrom: Attack skill. All the adjacent positions to the place that occupies the creature which makes the attack stage are attacked.

Sweep: Similar to the maelstrom skill but it only attacks the three adjacent positions.

Dispersion: The skill acts in the background. It attacks an adjacent position in order to do a sweep later.

Tertiary skills

The tertiary will be represented on the token with a permanent fx effect and we’ll be able to find the following ones:

Regeneration: Skill that gives the creature the power to cure itself once by turn.

Aura: Skill that increases the attributes of the friendly creatures whenever they are in the radio of action.

Stealthily: Skill that grants the creature the power of not being attacked while it’s on the stage of secretiveness. This skill it’s lost once the creature wants to start for the first time the attack / defense stage.

Frenzy: Second action skill. When an allied creature receives damage in the attack / defense stage and manages to survive, the creature that has this skill receives a bonus in its attributes of attack and/or defense.

Habitat: Skill that offers the creature that is in the related zone of the battlefield some special attributes. Whenever it remains in this zone it will keep them.

Fading: Skill opposite to the regeneration, for each turn the defense of the creature is consumed. It doesn’t regenerate at the end of the turn. This skill can provoke the death of the creature even when this one hasn’t even got in the combat.

Power with charms: Skill that gives the hero an extra attribute when he tries to help himself with charms and/or devices.

To intimidate: Skill that makes you able to attack any thug even when you have a hostile creature adjacent with the primary skill of provoking.

Quaternary skills

This latest group of skills are characterized by the fact they only go active when you can invoke the creature, they are not permanent and we can find the following ones:

Loading: Skill that gives the possibility of being able to begin the attacks / defense stage in the same turn the creature has been invoked.

Place in ambush: You can invoke a creature in a forest that’s next to the hero.

To steal: Skill that gives the hero the power to obtain extra card/s during the invocation of the creature.

Cure inside the area: Skill of being able to recover all the creatures that are inside the maximum area of power of the skill.

The heroes’ tokens will be different from the rest of the creatures as you can see

We hope you’ve learned more about the playability of Rise of Titans. Soon we'll explain more details about the game we’re developing and don’t forget to leave us your comments.

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