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Skelittle: A Giant Party is now on Kickstarter! Get some sweet information about the game here and spread the good news with everyone you know (and more)

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Artwork Skelittle

The tiny French indie team has been working hard to craft an amazing Kickstarter Page for our Party Game named Skelittle : A Giant Party !! We are very proud of the result and would like to spread the word about that. But before you click, you might want to ask "what's a ske... Skeeeeli... Thing ?". Do not worry, we got your back !


The Skelittles are members of a wicked toy family that escaped from a Cereal Box, and they see our gigantic human world and all the challenges it represents from their tiny toy's point of view. A regular vacuum cleaner for us is an hungry enormous monster for them, and the family dog changes into a threatening Cerberus !

Here is the said threatening Cerberus

Oh nice ! How do we play it ?

Get ready to gather your friends and family on your sofa, because it's a local multiplayer game ! You will take part in several mini-games to discover who is the best of you all. Don't forget to order some pizzas, studies have shown that they increased the Good Time Percentage !
You can play either with a Keyboard or a Gamepad, from 2 to 4 players ! Get ready to funk up the house together !!
If you're a creative person, we'll also let you know that you will unlock several items by playing the game, they will allow you to create your very own mini-games in a sandbox mode, we can't wait to check out everyone's creations !

Okay I like your enthusiasm, but how many games are we talking about ?

We will soon reach our Early Access release date, this version will contain 15 mini-games and 10 items for you to use in Stash mode (remember, the sandbox thing !). Then when the full release comes out, it will contain 25 mini-games and up to 30 Stash items !

Here are some items for the Stash Mode

Sounds interesting, where could I get more information about Sketitle ?

Ske-lit-tle ! There's a ton of ways for you to find us on the Internet ! You can follow us on Twitter, on Facebook, you can ask our developers some questions on Discord (or just say hi !), our IndieDB page is also being completed as we speak, and of course, you can check our Kickstarter campaign and share it with your loved ones. Including your dog. Especially your dog.


Nice ! Thanks for all these valuable information !

It was a pleasure to help you out, imaginary person ! If you have any question or feedback, don't ever hesitate to contact us, that's why we're here ! As we plan to develop the game along with our early players, you are more than welcome to send us your ideas as well, just poke us anytime !

Helicopter Survivor

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