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The newest build of Skara is ready for playtesting.

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Skara 0.5.6 is here and ready to be played!


We have been working on a lot of different aspects, from optimizing the graphics (fewer polygons for your computer to crunch) to speeding up the combat, and adding passive skills (we call them Talents)--Skara should feel like a very different game.

In many fundamental ways, it is!

We have updated the Zem Moorlands, our Team Domination Arena, to include interactive Pinnacles, making the game more complex and a lot more fun.



We have also added a fourth Skara race to the battlefields, The Tamvaasa.

EA Screenshots 50

TAMVAASA Mooji 768x432

EA Screenshots 51 1

Now that the new build is here, we are ready for testing and player feedback. Since we are a tiny indie team with an even tinier budget, the QA part is on the community to help make happen.

We will open discussions on the Steam forum for each of our potential problem areas, but we check IndieDB too! :)

The sooner we get feedback, the better. We plan on submitting a patch in the next few weeks to cover problems encountered in the new build. Things will probably go wrong pretty often, which is frustrating but hopefully will also create some hilarious moments. Bug discovery is always kind of fun in the studio :)

Interested in more details about the update? Check out the changelog!

Want to see the game in action? Check out a Dev stream on our Twitch channel!

See you on the Battlefield!

Your hard working Skaradevs,

Pablo and Jackson

BurezuWolf - - 248 comments

Quick question since I am new to your game, is this game going to be similar to Smite?

How is it similar to it (if any) and how is it different to it?

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Psyshik Author
Psyshik - - 49 comments

It's got third-person perspective and teams in arenas, but that's about where the similarities end! Our game has more of the feel of versus fighters, or Dark Souls if you are familiar with that. We are still in development, so the current format might look more like Smite than the final product will. :) What do you think?

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Psyshik Author
Psyshik - - 49 comments

By the way, if anyone wants to get access to the game, they can sign up for an invite here! Skarathebladeremains.com

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