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After beginning the process of developing the AI, I am already quite happy with the results. My ultimate goal is replayability and dynamic gameplay and these initial steps are in the right direction of that.

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I probably sat there staring at my monitor for a good hour or two before I felt as though I could even begin with the AI. It's interesting how daunting and insurmountable a task (such as AI) is, especially at that first step. It is also interesting how quickly you are able to move through that same task, after you've taken that first step. Suddenly, putting the puzzle together piece by piece doesn't seem so hard anymore and before you know it, the final product is already taking shape. This is not to say that my AI is anywhere close to a finished product, but I simply wanted provide a little encouragement to all who are in the same circumstance (whether game dev, work, or life). Take that first step quickly, then kill the dragon with a thousand cuts.

Now with this out of the way (not sure where it came from), I wanted to showcase my AI a bit more. Previously, I hadn't really done any work on them and they simply moved to hard coded locations. Now, I've built a system that allows them to dynamically decide where they want to go. Additionally, they have the ability to react to circumstances around them (like everything blowing up around them) and move sensibly as you'd expect them to.

I've also added a morale system for each AI, that is affected as they are affected. As their morale and confidence reduces, so does their decisions. Instead of finding cover and staying hidden from they AC-130, they may find themselves running as fast out of the area or even returning to their designated home. Morale is affected by several factors; but is mainly impacted by volume and lethality of incoming rounds.

Here is a depiction of AI attempting to break line of sight with the AC130 and maintain it. Like I mentioned, there is a lot more to come with AI and I'm excited to continue to share the improvements with you. Enjoy:

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