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With new knowledge, comes new ambition. I've rebuilt and achieved better results.

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It has been a few months since my last update; long story short, I decided to rebuild the project from scratch and am elated with the progress so far. I don't have a lot to show at the moment, but wanted to get some of the new things out there to start building the hype again.

I fully intend to have a playable demo released by August 1st and will do everything I can to meet that deadline. I'm confident I will be able to get there and will keep you posted along the way. Regardless, here are some of the changes from the previous version of the project:

1. Landscapes - I'm utilizing real world heightmap data to build the landscapes and have procedural materials that bring the landscapes to life.


2. HUD - (Also see image above for this) This has a been completely redone to more accurately depict an actual IR/TV Sensor Display in an AC-130U. I'll go into much more detail in this in the future - everything shown in the HUD has a purpose to ensure you are engaging hostiles effectively.

3. Impact Effects - Both the explosion and the smoke are much more realistic than before.

4. Dismemberment - Originally, my character meshes were not suited for actual dismemberment, so I had to "fake" it by deleting the character and replacing him with a box that explodes to give the indication of dismemberment. This is not the case anymore (will have more on this later).


That's all for now - I'll keep the posts coming as we charge towards the early release date!

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