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A situation report on the latest update on the project.

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This is a Stiuation Report on the progress of The Wild. As of the 13th June 2016, I have decided to take the development of The Wild. more seriously, I will be spending much more time on the overall game play, its features and functionality of the project.

I have been working on a few features that aren't imperative to the gameplay and more a side-note but will add to the overall atmosphere of the game.. and they only took me a couple hours to implement. Stay tuned for that!

The first major update I want to talk about is the new Animator controller I have created, prior to this weekend when the player would run and then attack it would stop the run motion attack and then continue to run. Which... is rubbish! So I sat back and decided I would read all of the documentation for Unity, Maya, 3DS max and anything else regarding animations and came up with a new Animator Controller and script that works with it. I would like to transfer this over to a physics based ragdoll at some point when I've got a bit of time but for now, A rigged humanoid with animations is fine.

secondly, I have started working on a GUI for the Backpack/Inventory system, I wasn't sure what I wanted to develop at first but then I stumbled onto some 2 year old code ideas I had worked on when I started at my first games development position. I'm not a big fan of "static" inventories like DayZ, Arma, Rust or 7DTD I like the idea of a 3D inventory, something like the one in the forest. So using the old code as a starting platform heres an idea of the inventory


Those are the two major things I've been working on and fixing right now, I've also started working on an area of the terrain that will be revealed with the previously mentioned side-features.

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