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Post news Report RSS Siralim 1.3.0 has been released!

This update features a brand new user interface, and overhauls to the loot, resources, and artifacts systems.

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- IMPORTANT: Resource costs and gains no longer scale with your character level - they now always remain constant.
- For example, it now always costs 1000 essence to create a gem.
- This will make your current save files feel very overpowered since many of you now probably have nearly infinite resources.
- If you want to bring your resources back down to a normal, balanced level, speak with Zack in the War Room.
- Zack will only appear one time and only for save files that were created prior to this patch.
- You can now buy lesser Nether Orbs from Bynine's shop starting at level 40.
- These Nether Orbs have a much lower range of possible activations and maximum gems than Nether Orbs that are found naturally.
- Added a new option that allows message boxes to be displayed at the top of the screen, rather than the bottom.
- Disabled the hardware "back" button on Android devices while in a Daily Realm to prevent players from accidentally leaving.
- "Diffuse" is now called "Extract", "Plasma" is now called "Energy", and "Particles" are now called "Cores". The former terms didn't fit in well with the game's medieval/fantasy setting.
- The amount of Energy required to complete a Power Spell ritual now varies based on the amount of power you invest - the more power you invest, the more energy that is required.
- Significantly decreased the time it takes to save the game and increased loading speed.

- Blood Magic (Lich Priest): the creature can no longer kill itself with this ability.

- Your dead creatures will now be resurrected with 1 health between fights.

- There are now 20 different types of artifacts (up from the original 3) - Swords, Armor, Helmets, Boots, and many more.
- Each artifact's base stats either provide a large bonus to one stat, or a smaller bonus to two stats.
- By default, the Blacksmith can craft four types of artifacts for you.
- You must complete new castle upgrades to increase the types of artifacts he can craft.
- There are four additional upgrades in total.
- Artifact names are no longer randomly generated - they're short and straightforward.
- Artifacts now level up after you kill enough creatures with that artifact equipped.
- Each level grants the artifact an additional stat slot and increases its primary stats.
- This is the only way to gain stat slots. Level 1 artifacts always have only 1 stat slot, level 2 artifacts always have 2 stat slots, etc.
- The maximum artifact level is 10, so all artifacts can have a maximum of 10 stat slots.
- Even after a legendary crafting material is applied to an artifact, the artifact will no longer be "soulbound".
- This means you can now enchant, disenchant, reforge, and salvage an artifact even after applying a legendary crafting material.
- There is still a limit of one legendary material that can be applied per artifact.
- Rebalanced all properties that grant buffs.
- Powerful buffs are now granted by "Greater Inscription of X" materials and are now legendary.
- Less-powerful buffs are now granted by "Inscription of X" materials and are now rare.
- Artifacts that players created prior to this update will be converted as follows:
- Weapons become Swords.
- Charms become Necklaces.
- Shields become Heavy Shields.
- All artifacts start at level 1, but your stat slots will not be removed nor will any of your stats.
- All artifact properties have had their values rebalanced.

- Berserk creatures can no longer kill themselves from the recoil damage.

- Loot distribution has been overhauled.
- Goals: reduce clutter, make loot feel more useful and satisfying.
- You will now receive far fewer items than before, but you will also receive less junk.
- Nether Orbs are now a little more common, but the best Nether Orbs are still extremely rare.
- Added several new items to the loot table.
- You can no longer find resources in chests or through other means of looting. You can now find satchels of resources but they're not as common.
- Material distribution is no longer limited based on location (for example, some materials were previously only obtainable in the arena, from chests, from salvaging, etc).
- You can now find additional Arena Invitations even if you already have one.
- Added a new type of item: Pills. These ultra-rare consumable items permanently grant +1 to one of a creature's base stats.
- Since creatures have +20% of all base stats for each level, pills allow your creatures to gain a large stat bonus over time.
- These items are intended to be an alternate form of advancement for your creatures to allow you to press into higher Realm and Daily Realm levels.
- Example: Using a Pill of Attack on your Iron Golem increases its base attack from 32 to 33.
- These items have been added as streak rewards for Daily Realms, and are otherwise extremely rare items.
- New Power Spell rewards have been added and the drop rates/quantities have been rebalanced.
- Added 2 new consumable battle buff items.
- Increased the maximum gem level from 9 to 10.
- Ankh of Revival has been removed from the game.

- The Duties that required you to collect artifacts have changed.
- Instead of collecting artifacts, you must now find 5 artifact fragments. After collecting these fragments, you will earn a new artifact.
- There are always 5 artifact fragments in the Realms that normally had them, but this is also the new criteria for these Duties.
- Improved the reward for several overworld quests (such as finding Ianne's ingots, etc).
- Duties that require the player to kill a Nether creature will now spawn a much less powerful creature if the player is below level 20.
- Exiting the game while in a Daily Realm now breaks your clear streak.

- The long-awaited overhaul of the user interface is finally here!
- The font has been changed to give the game more of a retro feel, and the size of the text has been increased drastically.
- Added a new window that appears whenever you acquire items. This window gives you a detailed description of the items and even allows you to use them immediately, rather than having to open your inventory and find them yourself.
- Panels/windows have new graphics.
- Quests are now displayed when the menu is closed.
- The Character Sheet and Creature Sheets now display a graphical experience bar.
- The Creature Sheets now show all of a creature's abilities, including those granted by artifacts.
- All items now have their own new, unique icons. Spell scrolls now have different colors for each class. Gems have different colors/graphics for each enchantment.
- The Action Queue in battle now only displays the five most relevant creatures and now includes each creatures' battle sprite.
- Buffs that involve summoned minions now display the number of minions summoned next to the buff's name in battle.
- The Transmutation menu now shows a description of the ability granted by a legendary crafting material.
- Most interfaces now generally have a more organized layout with less unnecessary text and more important information.
- Reorganized the options menu.
- Greatly increased the size of the map.
- Updated the cursor graphic.

- Fixed a bug that caused the Dispel and Mass Dispel spells to freeze the game.
- Fixed a crash that occured due to the Aftermath spell.
- Fixed several bugs with the Blight debuff that caused creatures to die at improper times.
- Fixed a bug with the buff/debugg catalog that allowed the player to talk to Katarina while it was open.
- Fixed a bug that prevented equipped artifacts from showing up on the disenchantment list if the artifact had no empty stat slots.
- Fixed a bug that prevented players from being able to select a Realm level that contained "0" as one of its digits (such as 10 or 105).
- Fixed a bug that was introduced in the last patch that caused shrine effects and consumable items to grant 10x the intended amount of bonus stats.
- Fixed a bug on Android/iOS that caused the game to thank the player for purchasing it after minimizing and then re-focusing the game.
- Fixed a bug with certain battle events that caused them to be applied multiple times in a single battle.
- Fixed several display issues where some items had the wrong names.
- Fixed several cases that allowed on-death abilities such as Resurrection Code to activate multiple times at once.
- Fixed a bug that allowed players to be able to diffuse particles from creatures that should only be obtainable from Power Spells and the Emblem Shop.
- Fixed a bug that caused players to be able to walk quickly as if they have the Crown of Haste after purchasing the Pocket Dumpling.
- Fixed an issue with the touch controls when casting spells on your own creatures that caused them to become unresponsive temporarily.
- Fixed several instances where battle messages would tell you that a buff or debuff was applied but the name of it would be blank.
- Fixed a bug that prevented artifacts from being spawned with several different types of properties.
- Fixed a bug on Windows/Mac that caused the game window to resize improperly when toggling from fullscreen to windowed mode.
- Fixed several crashes related to collecting loot - particularly Minor Sigils.
- Corrected several materials that were added in the last patch - their names were inconsistent with previous materials and they were not the correct rarity.
- Fixed a bug that caused single-target friendly spellcasting to sometimes ignore input.

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