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Sinister Halloween Slaughterhouse trailer reveal. New map content coming very soon.

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New map content coming very soon.


If you happened to survive the Haunted barn Map which is already available to play, your troubles have just begun. In this map, test your fear with no weapons and see if you can manage to escape the Trio Bros terror. This is a continuation from the barn map aviable in the game. The New Map will be released this weekend.

check out the atmosphere in this newly revealed trailer

If you would like to purchase the game the link is here

Free content coming to the game


IMO trailer looks nice but needs more work, one the blood dripping from the carcasses looks fantastic but is to much, two even tho we hear a chainsaw idle noise as the killer walks, we see no amount of smoke from it (makes it look fake), three at the end, again we hear the chainsaw being revved but it neither makes smoke nor it moves the chain.
IMO it would look cooler and more menacing, if the killer triggered the chainsaw at the end only (with a animation of him pulling the cord) like the same character does in 'The Evil Within'.

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Claudiusz Author

Thanks for the suggestions Argoon. We were aware of these problems after the fact, but we just don't have time to re do the trailers.

Blood drip is fixed in game. Footage was accidentally taken from VR. Smoke was removed for performance in VR and chainsaw only vibrates (Design decision to save time)which make it difficult to focus on.

Good news is the chainsaw vibrates and smoke comes out in game. Thank you so much for the tips, bring us more awareness for a much higher quality of expectation for video trailers.

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