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Post news RSS Simulating large number of persistent NPCs in UE4 Part 1

Lead Programmer Zlecawiigo explains in depth how we are simulating a town of over 800 NPCs and to what extent we are simulating each NPC. We also have some newer images of Birka Town that we will include in this update and be sure to check out the alternative URL to our website.

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In our game, the Absence, you play as the leader of a clan of Swedish Vikings. To properly convey how well you are doing as a leader, your home town changes as the game progresses. This allows us to show you how you are doing, instead of simply displaying a text bubble. For this, we need to simulate Birka circa 815AD. The population at that time was estimated to be around eight hundred.

In the link here you will see the post in full, an indepth explaination by Lead programmer Zleca about how he set up communication between different threads and handling of information for a largescale village/town.
Simulating large number of persistent NPCs in ue4 part 1

(Simulation excerpt below)
Simulation Excerpt

We estimate the Birka demo to be finished and polished in less then 1-2 months, by then the public will likely get access to the demo. Keep yourself updated by checking this or our social feeds atleast once every week from now on.

Here are some of the new images of Birka Town;



(Birka Runestone reconstructed as much as possible from Archeological findings, in the left part of the below image)


We have also added an alternative url for our main webpage which now can be found with both these adresses;

Kind Regards from the team @ Permafrost Development

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