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Post news RSS Simpocalypse: open Alpha just released!

Simpocalypse is now available for public testings, turning into Alpha today. (To be Released on Steam this fall, 2020).

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Hey all,

we are glad to announce that the Alpha version is now available to test out. It's been quite a long journey from when it all started.

If you haven't tried the previous version of the game yet, we'd now love to hear more about your playing experiences in game, but also if you had been with us before, it will still be great to hear what you guys have in mind when playing the whole reworked version! 😉

What is Simpocalypse about?? (trying to stay short 😊 ):
- Simpocalypse is a post-apocalyptic civilization simulator, where you manage your settlement to become a global empire, trying to survive the hard times when there might be a lack of resources for all of your citizens.
Longer description


Changes in Alpha:
1. UI/UX rework
- tons of changes & improvements, now showing only the most suitable elements, the ones player needs the most when playing the game
- UI changes: resource header changed, new icons now added, new buildings added, new research,...

pre-alpha VS. alpha (progress)

2. New feature added: Events – random things that might happen depending on time, settlement expansions, etc…

events popup scr

3. The whole world map was added, so that players can get a better feeling of where they currently are building their settlements, and where to focus their battles and conquer territories

entering battles_from world map

4. Loading screen added with new logo used

loading screen scr

+ playpage updated

playpage scr

5. New research options added
Such as Quality of Life elements, reinforcement option on battles, etc.

research popup scr

7. First Diplomacy elements added into the game, so you don't need to fight everytime to take over the enemy's territory 😉


… I'm sure I might forgot to mention some of the improvements, as there's really been a lot going on these days/weeks/months! 😊 (but maybe more in some of the next posts ;) )

We'd love to hear more from you guys, feel free to join our Discord here: LINK
to leave your feedback, and to stay close on some of the upcoming potential game key giveaways we plan to organize in the next months,…

You can test out an OPEN ALPHA here:

& sign up to get notified on the next bigger version before the release – we're already working on the Beta version, polishing parts of the game that already has to be polished! 😊
SIGN UP here:

Wishlist Simpocalypse on Steam:

*we're now giving out alpha publicly, as we'd like to hear more from the players perspective, what was build properly and what not?? Do you find some parts of the game annoying, and would like to share this with us!?

Use the form below to leave the feedback:
LINK (much appreciated, thanks everyone!)

Thanks for reading to this part, we tried to stay short, even though there is a lot to share! 😊
Have a great day, y'all! 😊
-GamexGames Team

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