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I an effort to release all icehole’s back catalog as freeware we released a free version of our game Sim Junta.

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Sim Junta was developed as a retro game of the 80's 16-bit computers. It is a statistical management game of brutal and violent politics, as it should be a game who has as a theme a dictatorship. It is a humorous but very deep strategy game like all of our projects.

In the game You are the new dictator of Risuena, a small and poor country of the third world. You have just seized power after a bloody coup and your intentions are to stay in power as much as you can, to rip this country off, transfer the money to your secret Swiss bank account and of course, stay alive and enjoy your wealth.

The problems in your plan are the various parties of Risuena's society who also want to benefit and survive throughout your Junta, the Guerrillas who try to seize power, the Americans who support your dictatorship but expect something in return and the next men in power after you, who are waiting a good chance to betray you!

We hope that you will enjoy this free version of the game.

More free games will be released the following days.

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