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Discovering a MASSIVE bug after the initial release, a quick patch has been issued, alongside a walkthrough for those who may find themselves needing a little help.

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So I screwed up. In my haste to get the game published in time, I wasn't able to achieve the same amount of polish along the secret ending as I could with the original storyline. To my horror, I discovered that one of the labyrinth rooms was broken - rendering the end-game impossible to achieve. After a quick double-check I was able to resolve the issue, as well as playtest a few extra times to ensure that the game was (as it should have been) fully finished. On Thursday, I silently updated the game's download to version 1.1, though unfortunately because of the lag time caused by IndieDB's approval process I am afraid that the original download stayed live through this weekend. As such, anyone that has a copy of the game pre-June 17, 2012 probably has a broken copy of the game, and I urge you to re-download the fixed (v1.1) executable!
Again, I apologize for this massive oversight. Like I said, it's horrifying to think that I was distributing a broken game for as many days as I was. Quality is my top priority! In the meantime, I've been working on putting together a gameplay demo, as well as a full walkthrough for the game! While I'm still cutting and editing the demo, the walkthrough is live on my site at:


All the best,

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