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Summary of new changes to our game and our next iteration plan

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This week we added the remaining ten rooms, mainly focused on platform jumping, as some of our classmates wanted us to explore the upper limit of blocking and jumping mechanisms. We also completed a new elite monster - the Teleporting Slime. In order to improve the player experience, we added an opening animation, a game cover, and a custom keybinding system. We also added complete sound effects and voiceovers for the main character, made all skills available, and added some cute special effects. Most importantly, we polished the entire game and carefully adjusted each collider and camera.

In later weeks, we might slightly adjust text fonts, fix some uneven-ground issues, polish our maps, fix bugs, and fine-tune the player's blocking-to-double-jump mechanism to improve player experience.

Mac/Windows build: Drive.google.com

Web build: Xiurur.itch.io


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