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Shrouded | Happy Halloween and Thank You For Playing the Demo!

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Happy Halloween, folks!

First of all, thank you.

The Demo Version of Shrouded has been available for a few weeks now, and the community interest, in addition to the number of downloads so far, has been humbling.

Needless to say, the reception has been incredible thus far. The plethora of playthrough videos on YouTube of the demo, the reactions, the feedback… all of it is truly inspiring to watch. I love being able to give you people something enjoyable (and creepy) to play – and seeing people playing the game I’ve been working on for this long now, even if it’s just the demo version, is oh-so satisfying. So, yeah – above all else, thank you all for trying out a small sample of what you’ll experience in the full game! And if you haven’t already played it, come check it out the Shrouded Demo here on the site!

Now then, with all of that said, there’s a little bit of housekeeping in store. The demo has been a great source for feedback, and even watching others playing the game and seeing where common challenges or exercises in patience occur amongst the player base is immensely helpful. So, with that said, here are a few of the issues which we’ll be addressing before the final build:

Grammar. Yes, there are quite a few instances of poor grammar in various books. The entire game script will be getting a proofread before launch, rest assured!

A more uniform, easier-to-read font will be in place for cluebook pages.

Carmen and Charlie’s relationship is better explained in the full game. The demo starts after the beginning of the game, where a lot of the groundwork for the story is established. So, to those with issues regarding motivations, etc. – rest easy.

The Freak has a habit of spawning directly on top of the player in certain areas. Of course, instantaneous deaths are cheap and certainly not entertaining. As such, the code is being refined to ensure that this does not occur going forward.

A few consistency changes will be made also. There are instances where books in dark areas can be read without the lighter, and others cannot. Any books in dark areas are meant to be unreadable without a lighter equipped or a light source in the environment nearby. This will be addressed. Also, the lighting for the scenes leading up to when Carmen obtains the lighter will be made a bit brighter so that the player isn’t totally ‘in the dark’ about where to go next.

So, there you have it! I’ll have more updates soon enough about the final game in the coming weeks. Until then, keep playing the demo, and spreading the word!

Stay savage,


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