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The Page is ready, the download is authorized. The question is: Are you a man enough dude to play the wicked snaz out of this game?

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This is like, the booming sound of everything being ready. You can now download the game, play it, check out it's media, whatever. IndieDB was speedy, speedy enough to make me feel bad about how quickly this new article was forced to come about!

Even sites with large memebers bases that were catered to the engine had longer approval times than that, in the grand scheme of things, that is INCREDIBLY SPEEDY for an authorization. My hats off to the DB's best and brightest here.

There's a lot I want to tell you, about this game, it's characters, it's worlds! But I feel I must contain myself for now, and let you have a go at looking through it yourself.

If there's one thing I should say, it's that polish is a HUGE thing in this game, flavor text is everywhere, some perfectly ordinary household items might be a whole interaction between three characters, or even four! There is so much you can miss by skipping pressing enter or space bar or z on all the perceived fluff in every room it could easily cut an hour of gameplay alone!

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