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We like screenshots, they are so fine, so we'll share lots, from Deep Space Mine.

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Deep Space Mine


It's been too long since the last update, and in there weren't any pictures in that article which we know everyone hates, so today we're changing that with screenshots of some of the latest work put into Deep Space Mine. Without further ado, let's get some shots!




The Market feels much more lively ever since we introduced the stock ticker. The stocker persists throughout the different gameplay phases so that players are consistently reminded of how they are affecting the market, but also to assist players when choosing what to mine for.

The Market


Mining has had a significant overhaul in style. Players can see a hologram of the planet they are scanning which they will interact with to scan where the greatest minerals deposits are. Outside the ship the player can also see the planet they are scanning as they have flown over to it.

Scanning a Planet


Drilling planets is what we're all here for. After players have scanned a planet and probed its mineral deposits they can call in a drill. The drill is launched onto the planet where it unpacks and starts mining those precious minerals for you. If you haven't already seen this in action, check out the animations article.

The Market

What's next?

We hope you've enjoyed this more image oriented article, please let us know what you think and thank you for reading. To make sure you're up to date with the latest content make sure you track this game!


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- Chief Wurst

Deep Space Mine

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