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A "short" FYI concerning why the Closed Beta is going away and what will be in its place.

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So I guess SAGE went off successfully. I had tons of fun, probably more fun than I've had at a SAGE in years. There's a lot of talk around the Sonic fangame community about this SAGE and the future of the event (not everybody was happy, I guess), but overall, I think it went well. I ended up getting on the front page rotator here on Moddb - that's really cool. Gained about 30 new subscribers out of that.

I also gained some valuable feedback regarding TFH, which is part of why I'm doing a shorter, mid-month update like this (without new screenshots or videos or anything). I don't even have any plans for this to go up on the Moddb front page it's so short:

Essentially, the "Closed Beta" I was planning is canceled. I had wanted to do three levels for that, that would be detached from the main game itself, in order to test and see if all this crazy madness I have planned for the game would work sufficiently. In its place is something I'm calling the "Final Demo". Final Demo will essentially be the Closed Beta, but instead of three levels unrelated to the actual TFH game, they will be instead three levels from the game itself. I figured it did not make any sense doing three more levels I'm not going to use, and one question brought up during SAGE was why, exactly, I chose to do a throw-away level for my demo. Which sort of got me thinking on the subject, and while I could justify it as "Because the engine isn't done yet," - that's not an excuse I could make for the "Closed Beta".

So yeah. TFH "Final Demo". That's... coming up whenever I can finish implementing Sonic's equip menu. Instead of it being, you know, closed and stuff, it'll be just another public demo. The last, one, obviously. No point in calling it the "Final Demo" otherwise. That also nukes that silly donation thing I had mentioned, which was, let's face it, really stupid. But hey, you do stupid stuff when you need money. I still kind of need money, but it's not as important, now. I'd write more about what I've been doing with the feedback from the SAGE demo, but that would turn this in to a news post worthy of the Moddb front page and I'd have to take screenshots and stuff and after writing 22 reviews in 5 days for the website I work for, my brain is too fried for that and I'm allowed to be lazy right now, I think (doesn't help that I am essentially writing this directly before going to bed).

So yeah. Consider yourselves heads up'd. More details on the Final Demo once I actually begin work on it.


That's excellent news. I never heard of this project or any other sonic projects before now. I was always a big fan of the 2d sonic games, my favourite being S&K3.

When I saw this on the front page of moddb I was mighty interested. So I downloaded the demo. Wow awesome demo! I liked the equipment system, that's sure to bring more replay value to the game. Also kudos to you for giving sonic a wall jump, i've always felt that's the one thing mario had over sonic.

Anyway good luck with this project it looks great so far. Try and keep giving us public people monthly updates :P I'll understand if you can't knowing how much effort is invloved in making a mod/project myself.


- Sam

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well done at SAGE. Soinc the fated hour is THE best fan made soinc game i have ever played, even though it's still in testing and beta. I love it. Keep up the good wook.

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