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Yep, the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies mod is returned! Here you will have a list of all the important dates of the lore. The mod will be released soon, I have to finish the focus tree for Venice and fix a problem with the colors of nations

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  • 1891: Second Bourbon-Savoy War for the Twosicilian Independence
  • 1892: Twosicilian Victory and secession of Venice
  • 1899: Colonization of Eritrea by the Kingdom of Italy
  • 1903: Declaration of the Italian Republic after the expulsion of the Savoy House
  • 1907: Assassination of the Empress Cixi, the new imperial regency listens the republican requests
  • 1914: Serbia becomes a puppet of Austria-Hungary avoiding the war
  • Nicholas II, tsar of Russia, listens the Rasputin's advice declaring the neutrality of Russia in the Balkan Question
  • 1915-7: Second Franco-Prussian War, the German Empire emerges victorious
  • 1919: Collapse of the Ottoman Empire
  • 1921: The Duma takes the full control in Russia declaring the Russian Republic
  • 1922: Soviet revolts at Moscow and St. Petersburg, all repressed
  • 1923: Declaration of the Socialist Republic of France
  • 1926: Treaty of Brest-Litovsk: Independence for Poland, Finland and Lithuania
  • 1935: Twosicilian Invasion of Libya and Indian War for Independence
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