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If you want to be successful in Pirate Dragons, you're going to need to enlist some ships and people to crew them!

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Ships are the main way to transport large amounts of goods (although Dragons are highly sought after to deliver small items such as important documents and jewelry on their own) and allies if you find yourself in a battle.

Ships in Pirate Dragons are made up of the Captain, the Crew, Cannons, Sails, and the Hull. Each part of a ship can be upgraded, either through gaining experience or through buying better versions. Experience can be earned in combat as well as through other methods such as trading goods or completing quests. A small ship with a highly rated captain and crew and upgraded cannons, can take on much larger ships that lack highly rated components.

Ship Captain

Captains IDB

The captain is responsible for steering the ship, affects the overall skill of the crew, and often has a special skill. Captains are rated between 1 and 5 stars. The higher the rating, the more effective the captain.

You can hire captains at the various towns in the world. Captains can level up and improve the more experience they get. They can also be injured or killed in battle.

The captain affects how maneuverable the ship is and how quickly a ship reacts to changes in a battle. Captains who have a special skill can perform actions during a battle, such as a speed boost for a short duration or a hard turn.

Ship Crew

Crew IDB

A ship is nothing without its crew - and its sails, cannons, hull, and lots of other parts – but it’s the crew that bring a ship to life!

Crews are rated from 1 star to 5 stars. A crew’s rating cannot be higher than the captain’s rating. So, for a ship to have 3 star crew, it must have a captain of 3 stars or higher.

The crew is responsible for reloading and shooting the cannons, repairing the ship during a battle, and putting out fires. The more stars a crew has the better they are at each of their responsibilities. A very high star crew makes for a very dangerous and difficult to fight ship!


Cannons IDB

There are two kinds of cannons, the swivel guns and the main cannons. Swivel guns are used to shoot at targets in the air such as dragons or wyvrens. The main guns are mostly used against other ships, however a low flying creature can be hit by a cannonball fired by a main gun.

Cannons have different quality levels which affect how accurate their shots are, the damage of their cannonballs, in addition to the chance of a cannonball setting a fire on impact.

Sails and Hulls

SailsAndHulls IDB

The sails of a ship affect how fast it can go. Better sails offer better speed in addition to being more fire resistant.

A ship’s hull affects how sturdy the ship is. In game terms, this is basically the ship’s hit points. A hull also affects a ship’s speed and maneuverability. The best way to cause damage to a ship is to set fires on it either from cannonballs or fire breath.

BigShipSmallShip IDB

With twice the cannons and 50% more health, in this battle, the larger ship easily defeats the smaller ship. But, when the small ship is outfitted with a 5 star captain, a 5 star crew, and upgraded cannons, the little ship can win the day - albeit, barely!

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-Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna

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