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Now we are writing about last 3 ship types: Support, Rocket and Miner.

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Now we are writing about last 3 ship types: Support, Rocket and Miner.
Let's go straight to the point.



"Support" is a repair ship. Its special ability restores HP of the ally or damages the enemy. Because of that, Support is well manifested in the attacking groups and defence.

Support in the wild

Heal him


Rocket Rocket Stats

"Rocket" is a slow but very powerful ship. It can deal massive damage on huge distances. But low HP and movement speed make it an easy target for enemies. Rocket acts as a "sniper" and support ship at medium ranges. It is perfect for defence out of hiding under the cover of more fast and strong allies.

Rocket in the wild

Dr. Who is amazing


MinerMiner Stats

"Miner" is a... Miner. Its special ability sets mine on the battlefield. Increased movement speed allows it to get ahead in the key points of the battlefield. Because of that, Miner can also capture the flags. Low shooting distance forcing Miner does not act alone.

This is a miner

Mine in action

We looked at all 9 ship types in Papership.
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