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Today we will go over the ship building system, as well as some of the new features.

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Hello everyone, Alex here once again with an update. Vitali has been very hard at work on the latest update pertaining to the ship sailing system, meshing the map system into it to allow you to travel from one island to the next, and essentially getting all the "Core" gameplay features in.

Your pirates will now board the ship from the island, from ship to ship, and from ship to island appropriately, allowing you to move one, or all of your pirates to different positions to suit your needs.

"Bob, I hope that what I'm smelling is sea air... I'm downwind from you...."

Next thing I want to show you is the ship building system. Now I know many of you have been clamoring for ship customization, different rooms and what-not, but we went one step further. We let you build the whole dang thing, plank-by-plank.

"Who needs rules, I'm a pirate! What do you mean the ship isn't finished?"

Here is an image of that same "ship" (more of a RAFT really, it's mode using the limited resources you get at the beggining) when finished.

"Are we there yet?"

And last but not least, here are a few random islands we took that ship to, among which we dug up a treasure!

"So many bananas, and just the two of us....."

"Those are some pretty upset looking tribal leaders protecting that chest"

That's all the time we have for now friends, feel free to follow progress to see how things unfold!


I love the water effect. Very nice, the smooth water is a beautiful contrast to the pixel art above...

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