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Post news RSS ShapeRockets - a minimalist FPS from the former lead designer of Scribblenauts

Matt Cox (Scribblenauts, Destroy All Humans, Sticky Bees) will bring a brand new online multiplayer experience to Steam/PC this Fall with “ShapeRockets,” a literal rock, paper, scissors first-person shooter. This is the first release for Cox’s new studio Echohead Games.

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Three shapes. Two choices. One weapon. Enter a minimalist multiplayer FPS world where you knew the rules before you played the game. ShapeRockets is the world’s first literal Rock, Paper, Scissors shooter! (And it will only be $7.99!)

So choose Rock, Paper or Scissors - and shoot your prey shape or run from your predator shape. After a recharge, you can change your shape on the fly. Float in all directions in dark, minimalist arenas. Light the arena with your shape, your rockets, or the giant explosions from each kill. So get ready to jump in and experience action that’s simple, but far from simplistic with the constant standoff moments of rock, paper, scissors.

Three hits and you’re dead. Three deaths and you’re out. It’s last shape floating in ShapeRockets!

Play online with 4-8 people. A simple lobby system makes joining a game fast and hosting a game easy. Climb the leaderboards. Play single player tutorial levels where you can discover a hidden story.

ShapeRockets is now on Steam Greenlight. Go to www.shaperockets.com to vote!

Echohead is a new indie studio from Matt Cox, lead designer of the original Scribblenauts.

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