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The world of Shaola includes 1 empire, 7 kingdoms, 1 republic, 25 other factions, 4 main races (Human, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs).

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The elites:

Zenman Empire, the largest and one of the oldest nations in the land.

Martia Kingdom, a nation of war and violence.

Ankania Kingdom, an old kingdom that formerly a rival to the Zenman Empire.

Amazail Kingdom, deceptively the strongest and the most powerful nation.

Zuda Kingdom & Kazen Kingdom, these two small kingdoms formed an alliance called "Southern Double Alliance". They feeds of each other and watching each other’s back.

Zokang Kingdom and Green Kingdom, Zokang Kingdom and Green Kingdom (common usage: Greendom) is located on Everland, an island on the Eastern Sea, southeast of the continent. They have unique culture and custom. The islanders dress differently from the mainland people. Therefore, the mainlanders called them The Weirdos of the Far East.

Republic of Aquilon, the most civilize and technological advance nation in the world.

Other guilds and factions:

Sahara Tribe, a nomadic clan wandering around the Great Desert on their camels, lurking and robbing merchants and traders.

Mad Sharks, a group of pirates who terrorized the east coast for years.

House of MacArthur, a clan led by the MacArthurs, one of the most powerful families in Shaola.

House of Lagidis, a clan led by the Lagidises, one of the welthiest families in the land.

Altadon Independent City, one of the largest and most popular cities in the world. This is the greatest place for slave owners, slave traders and billionaires.

Fabiano Independent City, this city is led by a warlord called himself "Lord Celaenus". This city once ruled collectively by 6 wealthy families.

Shula Independent Castle, the residence of Lord Shula, former general and politician.

Bursino Independent Castle, the home of Bursino family.

Gladle Independent Castle, the residence of billionaire Donald Gladle, one of the richest, most successful and powerful businessman in the land.

Lenvale Independent Castle (Steel Castle), the home of Luther Barsi, former criminal leaders.

The Wolves Gang, consists of peasants who are being oppressed by the local governments, slaves who killed their owners, free themselves and ran away, as well as some criminals.

The Luxia, one of the most dangerous elite powerhouses in all of Shaola. They are an international underground business organization that has numerous branches and locations worldwide. The Luxia is led by "The Father". Everyone called him "The Father", including his own children.

The Jokers, while "The Father" is the most feared person in the land, The Jokers actually are the most feared organization in the world.

Red Dragon Palace located on Red Dragon Island, a very small island that is close to the Everland. It is one of the most terrified locations in the world. People knew where it is, but no one ever know anything inside it.

Lufeng Island is even smaller than Red Dragon Island. It consist of a few fishing villages. The islanders on Lufeng and Red Dragon Island basically are Zokangese who are fled to other islands to get away from the wars.

Snow Palace located on the Snow Mountain, a mysterious place that never have been discovered. The Dwarves have tried to find it for hundreds of year. According to legends in Dwarves community, Snow Palace led by Snow White, the legendary princess from folktales, and people from the palace always wearing white uniforms.

The Panthers claimed that they are the Snow Palace’s worst enemy. The reason is unknown. They have been trying to find the Snow Mountain by lurking and following the Dwarves around. They also steal many of the Dwarves’ new weapons.

Sons of the Tiger is a religious cult that operates in cold and rainy areas. Some of its member also is a cannibalist who enjoys eating men and other humanoid creatures. However, their main source of food is lion’s meat. They believe that tigers are the "true kings of the jungle" and lions are just wannabe impostors.

Zormanist is a religious cult that worships fires. They are using fires as a weapon both in melee combat and battle from distance.

Sceletusist is a semi religious cult and a team of bandits that worship skeletons and using skeletons as weapons and armors.

Sexy Foxes is a team of female-only mercenaries that consists of many female soldiers and swordswomen. Their strategic intent is to utilize their beauty and sex-appeal to seduced and tempted opponents (usually males) out of their comfort zone and concentration.

The Bat Guards is guarding the Bat Island (commonly called Batland) on the Western Sea for years. While being reclusive and rarely went to the mainland, they have been living off the pirates’ spoils. They make a living by robbing pirates.

The Sunmoonist is a semi religious group and gang that worship both the sun and the moon. They are known for using weapons with moon-shape and… having a lot of tattoos.

The Avisist is a religious group in Greendom. They worship and idolize birds. They attached themselves to birds. Their traditional goal for hundreds of year is to learn the art of flying. They spent hundreds of year to find a magic that can make human fly. The Zokangese and the mainlanders have been laughing at them for years.

Human Supremacy Alliance (HSA), a worldwide network of extremists who believe that human should be the only superior race. They believe that the Orcs and the Dwarves are much stronger than Human, and the Elves are much faster and quicker than Human. Therefore, in order to "protect" the Human from those "humanoid monsters" and "save the world", they must annihilate the Orcs, Dwarves and Elves.

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