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uploaded a video of 5amura1 running around a pre made ShadowEdge world which we use to test certain scenarios.

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The ShadowEdge Physics Engine 3 is not just an engine, but our passion, we worked had with this engine, made a few tweaks to increase the graphical appearance but also maintaining great performance as well, we spent more of our time working on the textures and lighting more than models, we want to make sure that the ShadowEdge Physics Engine 3 is up to date with other game engines in terms of graphics.

The ShadowEdge Physics Engine family was built to focus primarily on lighting physics than anything else, that's what the ShadowEdge Physics Engine 2 was focusing on, it focused more on shadow looks and world lighting instead of graphical appearances as we believe the realistic lighting can make anything look amazing, as the 3rd engine was made from the ground up, we knew that we'd have to look at graphics as well as lighting, since it's development back in January, it has really seen major changes along the way, instead of models using over 100-200 lighting programs, that took alot of performance away and made it almost impossible to run on our computers so we had to change the way we set our lighting, now they using like 3-16 light programs instead, so that changed allowed us to improved performance as well as update the graphics to add a whole bunch of new features like sky reflection which now the sky reflects realistically off models depending on the materials it uses like metal.

All in all, this is one game engine that will show how far we can go as well as be part of the next generation of video games.

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