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The very latest update to Warlords upping the game to v0.504 is a hefty one, especially with bug fixes of all shapes and sizes, but there's some new stuff in there as well.

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Greetings captains,

We've cranked our bug-smashing efforts up a notch since the last update. I can tell you right away that the focus was on all the various smaller or larger bugs You diligent and patient ladies and gentlemen have reported in. The change-log is listed below.

Of course, insect repelling isn't the only thing we've been doing and I'm happy to report two more additional ships are available for purchase on Concordia: your very own Caelifera freighter and Dynastes freightliner. Also, the DaVinci Research Station has now received its proper attire.

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Our goal for the next large update is simple: shovel in a whole lot of new content with as few new bugs as possible. You can definitely expect it to be substantial :).

Safe travels, captains... and as before, please keep reporting problems, giving suggestions and sending in your game logs. And thank you for your immense patience! We appreciate it A LOT!

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  • Fixed a potential error that could cause a crash when a deployed SETH was destroyed
  • Using SETH equipment now actually spawns a SETH platform, and it no longer belongs to Korkyra all the time
  • Graphical presets in the Launcher->Settings now work as intended
  • Fixed a problem with filtering not being applied properly in the Personal log panel
  • Power distribution should now work as intended when entering and exiting Sublight, and it should memorize the desired setting
  • Power distribution can no longer be manipulated by clicking outside the actual Power distribution panel
  • Using hotkeys when press+holding the LMB now obeys your command
  • The loot panel no longer features black font for no real reason
  • Scrolling item lists in the Drydock and Shipyard is now possible with the mouse scroll now works on the entire length of the list entry, and not just on the right half
  • Tokio dreadnought will now blow up when it is required of it, instead of stubbornly spinning around with 0 Hull
  • Ship manufacturer name is now displayed properly on the Shipyard panel
  • Equipment manufacturer name is now displayed properly
  • The Radar should no longer decide to show itself while an in-game panel is opened
  • Weapons now display the same price on Drydock->Loadout and on Drydock->Systems
  • The twin suns, Castor and Pollux, are now properly called by their names
  • The Icarus can no longer be scanned from a distance of 1500. 300 is the range.
  • Mission waypoints now display proper names, instead of all being called "Freelance waypoint"
  • Fixed a problem with overlapping text labels on objects during Delivery freelance jobs
  • Pressing the Esc button during an open dialog, will no longer crash the game or cause other glitches or destroy the universe. It will do what it's supposed to do in that situation: nothing.
  • You can no longer continue the Prologue after you've failed it (you could do it with several presses of the Esc button)
  • Hints currently active on-screen will not persist into starting a new game anymore
  • Tutorial hints no longer remain hanging when you open some other window. They will reveal themselves again when you go back to the main game viewport.
  • Ships no longer insist on being named "Nirith T-Gate"
  • Destroying a Zodiac class ship will no longer crash the game. Its derelict is now properly linked.
  • Messages from beyond our world in the form of nonsensical random letters no longer appear in the Personal log
  • The Personal log panel and the Starchart can no longer exist in the same space-time. One closes the other instead of overlapping
  • Weird rank names, like they're transported from Starpoint Gemini 2, can no longer appear in Warlords
  • Pressing the Esc button to skip a cutscene will no longer open the main menu, or an in-game menu... it will only skip the cutscene
  • You can no longer highlight skills while docked
  • If your previous target blows up, when you've already targeted something else, your target lock will not disappear anymore.
  • Factions are now properly named on the Contraband panel
  • Fixed several errors with the Philadelphia that could cause issues or even crash the game
  • All parameters are now cleaned up from memory when starting a new game or loading an existing save after you've already started/loaded a game
  • Ships will no longer apply ramming speed and slam into the Icarus during the Prologue
  • Tokio and Shanghai now feature their proper small icons in the Shipyard panel
  • Going faaaaaaar away from a targeted structure will make the target lock "de-couple" instead of remaining locked-on
  • Fixed a couple of errors in the dialog system that would cause the dialogue to work in mysterious ways (never in a good way though)
  • Sending your fleet to attack a Will o the Wisp zone will no longer send them across the universe in the wrong direction. The Garrison was marked wrong.
  • Fixed an error where the ShipOnDestroy script could run even if there was no ship around. You can guess what the game would did in such a situation...
  • Using the Quick action hotkey while on Starchart is no longer possible. No more crashing the game that way. Sorry guys.
  • A defense platform is now linked to its proper "death" script. It will no longer go into a frenzied sequence of 6 explosions that blind both you and your unsuspecting neighbour
  • NPCs no longer attack the dead-center of a ship when using beam weapons.
  • When exiting, the game will no longer freakishly crash like it's emotionally attached to you
  • Fixed a de-sync problem where stations would be marked as neutral on the starchart and hostile when you actually reach them
  • Fixed a problem with beam weapons and platforms. Beams didn't really do much to them.
  • Fixed several problems with derelicts being linked wrong in the database
  • Fixed a database problem related to Tutorial hints
  • Fixed several minor script errors that could cause glitches
  • Repaired a whole bunch of typos
  • PrintMessageGlobalVariable function wasn't actually doing what it was advertised to. Now it does. (for potential modders)

And now for something completely different...



  • Fixed an issue where the objective remained active even if the job was actually failed
  • Fixed a problem where the target structure turns from neutral to enemy while on a job
  • Added "mission area"
  • Fixed a problem where the Repair action wasn't made available at the appropriate time
  • Structure Hull now reacts properly when structure is repaired
  • It is made more clear when a structure repair fails
  • All job-related objects are now properly "cleaned-up" or "de-coupled" from job-related scripts after completing of failing a mission
  • If provoking a ship into attacking you, it will actually attack you instead of just standing there
  • Choosing to leave the encountered ship to finish its repairs will no longer force it to attack you. He will actually let you leave as intended
  • Structure Hull will now become "full" when job is successfully completed and the structure is repaired
  • Fixed an issue with VO info being played at the wrong time
  • Fixed a problem with a job-related ship standing idly near the structure once the mission is completed
  • A faction that is hostile towards the structure owner will no longer be repairing the structure
  • Choosing "Let's leave" in the job dialogue will now properly forfeit the job

Search & destroy

  • Random encounters can no longer occur while the job is active (immediate activity)
  • If the NPC states "We'll let you slip this time", he will actually do what he says and not attack you
  • Choosing "We better leave" will forfeit the mission as intended and the NPC will not attack you
  • "Spawn distance" is increased
  • Mission Personal log now properly records the flow of the mission
  • Fixed an issue where an NPC calls in for reinforcements and then leaves just as the reinforcements arrive to attack you. This also failed the mission.
  • Fixed several "places" in the mission where the mission had to fail, but didn't
  • Fixed a problem where T-Driving to the job location didn't work properly
  • Added feedback to player to convey if the NPC decided to "rough it out"

Convoy escort

  • The mission will no longer direct you to follow a convoy into a planet
  • Reaching an "empty" waypoint now responds properly and marks the next waypoint as intended
  • Tweaked "jump-out" of the convoy
  • The Personal record will no longer show the same job as both Solved and Failed
  • Hostile ships will no longer appear to attack the convoy if the convoy is just about to leave
  • Fixed a problem where hostile NPCs stopped doing anything when the job was finished
  • NPC ships are no longer named "PLACEHOLDER"
  • FIxed an issue where NPCs remained tagged with "Destroy" even if the mission ended or failed
  • Convoy members now properly travel "fleet-style"


  • Attacking the destination ship will now fail the job as intended
  • Added "mission area"
  • Fixed a problem where reaching a waypoint did not mark the next waypoint
  • Destination ship will no longer simply *poof* and disappear once the job is done, but will use Sublight and TDrive as intended
  • Hostile objects can no longer be destinations

Installation assault

  • Added "mission area"
  • Mission spawn distance is increased
  • Platforms surrounding the target structure will now blow up instead of disappearing instantly when the mission is over
  • Added feedback to player when the mission is failed
  • Reaching a waypoint now properly removes the waypoint marker


  • Minimum level required for this mission to become available is increased to 12
  • Mission spawn distance is increased
  • Increased the "damage" you have to do to receive partial reward
  • You can now utilize Scavenger swarm on job-related derelicts and it will be detected as intended


  • Mission re-enabled
  • Minimum required level is 12
  • Scanning derelicts will properly advance the mission
  • Destroying a platform that you were supposed to disable now fails the mission
  • Random encounters can no longer occur while the job is active (immediate activity)
  • Even reaching the first waypoint will yield a small partial reward. This is intended. "You scouted the area"
  • Added feedback to player to make it easier to know what to do
  • Destroying small props can yield loot (doesn't have to!)
  • Using Scavenger swarm on derelicts is now possible, but yields partial success
  • Props are no longer called "PLACEHOLDER"
  • Fixed an issue with a waypoint remaining marked when reaching it
  • Props now have an "OnDeath" explosion


  • Fixed a problem when a planet was the destination where you couldn't finish the job
  • Even if several sequential missions lead you to the same destination object, you will be able to transport to it as intended
  • If destination object becomes hostile towards you, the mission will now fail automatically
  • Changed job description texts
  • Faction offering the job is now named properly
  • Tweaked how the destination ship leaves the area once the mission is over


  • Added "mission area"
  • Random encounters can no longer occur while the job is active (immediate activity)
  • Fixed a problem with the mission marker disappearing with no apparent cause
  • Next derelict "in line" is now properly marked each time

Convoy raid

  • Increased minimum required level to 10
  • Fixed an error where the "You're leaving the mission area. Get back there!" would trigger too soon (too close?)
  • The last target ship will now blow up with an explosion as intended instead of just disappearing with no VFX
  • Fixed several instances where log entries would get doubled

Installation defense

  • Mission re-enabled
  • Minimum required level is 12
  • Added "mission area"
  • Fixed a problem with defense platforms switching alignment
  • The "Mission failed" message is now displayed appropriately

Add a pinch of new stuff...


  • Two new ships are now available: Caelifera of the freighter persuasion and Dynastes[/b], the little freightliner that could. You can purchase them on Concordia!
  • New station model added! The DaVinci research station now looks quite differently.
  • Platforms now have the Mark target available on the context menu.
  • Fleets now have some tooltip info available on the Starchart
  • Turret view status icon added to the HUD
  • Added a "Game over - You died" panel

And mix it a bit...


  • Updated descriptions and prices for HQ modules. This is a temporary change to allow easier HQ upgrading. Final parameters will be set at a later stage.
  • More ships are available for purchase on Concordia
  • Expanded the "Purchase to garage" button so the text label fits
  • Using Go To command on the Context menu now automatically allocates power to engines
  • Hovering the mouse over "Purchase to garage" displays the proper tooltip
  • The Radar view cone is enlarged somewhat
  • Added line numbering in dialogues
  • Added tooltips to Repair hull and Rearm buttons on the Drydock panel
  • Changing speed during combat doesn't hide your Hull bar anymore
  • Disabled the Scan option on structures. This is a temporary solution until this mechanic is completed.
  • Reduced duration of ship damage effects, so it no longer looks like a completely repaired ship is constantly on fire
  • Some changes done to what is "dropped" from gas pockets and how much
  • Tweaked the proper platform explosion script so it doesn't make people blind anymore. The explosion VFX depends on the actual size of the blown-up platform.
  • The "Formidable" class no longer costs like a frigate. It's much more expensive now.
  • Disabled a couple of context menu buttons until they actually start doing something. This is a temporary measure until the mechanic is implemented.
  • Equipment names are now taken from the appropriate .txt file instead of directly from the database (for potential modders)
  • Updated Scripterion documentation (for potential modders)

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