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The time has finally come for the release of Sewer Tea's first teaser trailer. Also, announced release date for Q1 2014.

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As stated in the summary, I'm uploading at the moment the very first Sewer Tea's teaser trailer. To be honest, it took me a while to complete, since at the moment I haven't started the sound design for the game yet, which means I had to browse one hundred pages looking for suitable sound fx for the trailer.

Also, I had to make the music. Mind you, the music in the trailer is not Sewer Tea's main theme, it's just the music for the trailer. The style itself will be identical, as it will be done using the same chiptune software (Famitracker, nice software by the way).

The trailer events happen just a few hours before the main character is sent to the city where the action takes place.

Anyways, enjoy the trailer (viewer discretion is advised):

As per the game progress itself, right now I'm setting up a light system which basically consists of different prefab objects that spawn (randomly) in the rooms themselves and emit light. The player itself doesn't emit any sort of light, but I will consider adding items such as flashlights, candles, etc...Light won't be used as a gameplay element at all, it will be just purely aesthetic.

I've pretty much finished coding the AI of the different enemies so far, which I list down below:

  • Glower
  • Screamer
  • Gaschine
  • Glizda
  • Sewer fly

Those are the enemies that are already both animated and coded. As you may noticed from the images in the images section, there's one soldier carrying a rifle. Those are enemy soldiers that will be roaming the underground laboratory and their AI will be slightly different than that of the monsters. After I polish the whole room generation system I'll move on to that.

In the meantime, spread the word and don't forget to track and follow me on twitter if you like what you see/read.


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