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We're going to give elements strengths and weaknesses to allow players to organize battles with the element of surprise and strategy-oriented combat. Basically, this will allow players to plan and evaluate which set of elements are best to work together with.

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Seth's Development Log #4

Elements their Strengths and Weaknesses


The illustration below demonstrates what each of the five elements are weak and strong against.

If a Ninja uses a Fire technique against a Water technique, it will do very little to them. On the other hand, if a Ninja uses a Wind technique against a Fire technique, it will amplify the Fire technique. This means it will do additional damage and/or gain special effects such as lasting longer if it is a buff, HoT (heal over time), or DoT (damage over time). To further clarify, this is extremely useful when using multiple techniques together in a Team since you will gain additional effects and bonuses to the Jutsus where alone would be impossible.


Each player will be able to set their affinity toward a specific element. This means, if you specialize in a certain element, that element will determine your strengths and weaknesses.

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