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After having a very severe server crash a couple of weeks ago we have the Website, Client and Editor back up and running.

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Client Versions 1.4.1

*wipes sweat off brow* Alright folks we're back online and ready for business. As most of you should know we had a rather severe server crash a couple weeks ago. It was a rather perfect storm of losing the server data and dealing with corrupt backup files. If you have not already please read the Server Crash FAQ.

We had the launcher disabled while we got back up and running as much as we could. The launcher has now been re-enabled and users should be able to log back in. If you are still having trouble please consult the Server Crash FAQ.

The client is back online and running and also has a new version with some updates and fixes. The most notable new update would be the addition of Sunset Motors in Sunset Harbor. The new building is where users will purchase the coming NuVO Zip. The vehicles are there for display and actual purchase and use of the new vehicles is coming soon. Now that we have the server back up and running we can refocus on getting those available.


Release Notes

- New highlighting effect when mousing over objects while in decorate mode

- Reworked how product information is retrieved from the server for better performance and better consistency between products

- Product info cards now show gender icon and risque icon where applicable

- Added new chat slash command pinfo. Example usage /pinfo 450 would pop up a product card with information for product ID 450.

- Media Manager now has a “clear” button underneath the url field when in your private space. This is used to clear the media stored for that layout/environment so that it won’t load the next time you open that layout/environment

- Inventory thumbnails are now cached on users local machine to speed up inventory loading times

- Updated lighting in Sunset Harbor

- Added Sunset Motors building to Sunset Harbor. Purchase and use of drivable vehicles coming soon.

- Fixed issue with Solid Color material not always showing the correct color

- Locking objects in decorate mode now correctly saves that info on the server so that the object is still locked the next time you load up that area.

- Fixed issue with improper network disconnection when quitting that caused crashes in some cases

- Minor fix to address object loading getting stuck if trying to load a product that no longer exists in the catalog

- Shadows cast on avatar and mannequin skins now show

- Fixed issue with gift boxes not allowing for a free gift

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