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Post news RSS Sep 23 Lone Wolf Tips: Linux

So, this group initial purpose was to be simply a sort of 'achievement' tag(like steam ones) for solo devs(or almost solo); but soon it got 12 members. I guess we may start sharing tips here don't you think?

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It is obvious the path of a solo dev is quite different from greater teams/companies one; we must use different technics and tatics, not do too much(neither too few by the way) about a project; we also have advantages, like perfect communication between game dev areas(as all of them, or most of them are inside our brain), faster production speed and greater passion(otherwise solo work will not pay off)

The tips I have right now are related to getting the word around about your games, more specifically Linux, as OS's like windows and mac seem more interested in closing themselves to the world and chaining their users.

First of all, being an active member of the community is good; things like reporting bugs, creating free content(tutorials, arts, software) and things like that, show the passion you have for you chosen linux distribution(I like Ubuntu).

I will separate the places into two groups, the group you can show your earlier game progress; and the ones where you would do best by showing only at the final phase. Do not fear of talking with the site crew, but be gentle, educated(and passionated), not only when talking to then, but as a person and a professional.

Earlier steps and above projects:


Lgdb.org < Forum Only for now


Ubuntuforums.org < At Gaming and Leisure Area

Your Distribution forum

Final Phase projects:



Lgdb.org < Now you can add to the game database itself

By the way, my game is already at the three above sites, but I really think I should had waited more x=. About some of these sites, I find amazing how they generate 'unseen' traffic, which can only be seen by your site traffic statistis tool/google analytics and similar.

You may also need a recording software for linux, I use GLC, and it looks interesting; it is what the owner of linuxgamecast.com uses; when you know how to use it, it gives very smooth recording without artifacts.

These are my tips for today, to the fellow Lone Wolf brethren. It would be polite to also share your tips, they may not be usefull to all of us, but there is always at least one to benefit from them. Show your interest in further tips by also sharing yours(but remember to mark keep private checkbox when you do so). If you want we may even switch the tips to the group forum(we don't have one yet, but we can create it).

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