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Secrets of Deep Earth Shrine is an underground adventure with unique features. Blow up and outsmart your enemies on a quest to collect the treasure in this subterranean puzzle-platforming adventure!

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It's Digsby's first day on a new job: mining for gems. As he stumbles through the darkness, he finds a strangely gleaming rock. What else would he do, besides hit it with his pickaxe? Well, a slightly smarter miner may have paused to examine it first...

Featuring 8-10 hours of gameplay, spread through 25 levels and 3 distinctive worlds, each with its own treasures and monsters to discover.

Play with 4 types of traps and tools to outwit your enemies. Make sure to conserve your energy carefully - it not only drains when you're drilling, but also when a monster hits you. Your best bet: throw a dynamite and run!

If you enjoyed Steamworld: Dig or Terraria, then SoDES will probably suit you fine. And best of all, it's pretty much done! No Early Access or waiting time. We're ready to dig into this game release :P

Game Trailer:

Link to our Greenlight page: Steamcommunity.com

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