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Some easter eggs and secrets in my story, which many, if not most, people have have not yet found (at least in youtube videos).

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WARNING! Do NOT click on the keypad in the Hospital map before you know the code!! It seems to glitch out from time to time when you click on the keypad buttons before doing the quest to learn the code.

Now on to the subject at hand. There are a few secrets in my story no one (at least no youtuber) have found yet/seen the connection and random facts I will bring up.

1: The story was drastically changed. At first, I planned to make this story similar to the game "This war of mine" and your objective would have been to explore the maps for supplies, one night at a time. This was later changed due to scripting limitations and because going back to the same maps over and over again would have been way too repetitive.

2: In Kyrenia (the village you start in), there is a hidden key somewhere in the map. This key can unlock your neighbor's house and in there is a little secret.

3: In the story, you can find 4 notes from someone called "M'aiq the liar". M'aiq is a character from The Elder scrolls: Skyrim and tends to say random things, like talking about the game mechanics or things he has found during his adventures. In the same way, M'aiq comments about the zombies he has found in the story.

4: The key you pick up in the School map can unlock 2 lockers in the school and will disappear when you have used it on both lockers. However, only one of the lockers is mandatory to open, the other one is optional. If you ignore the optional locker, then the key instead disappears when you enter the tunnel system at the chapel, since you at that point can no longer return to use it.

5: The Pool area in the "PoolEP" map is pretty much a copy from a mod I did years ago for Left 4 dead 2.

6: Like all my other stories, this story has connections to my previous Amnesia mods one way or another. The outbreak is the same as in Dark Case, and Gothfair village and notes left by Lee Hawkins are obviously from Final Revelations.

7: There are a total of 20 maps (21 including the cutscene with the train ride) and 11 powerups, and max 1 per map, so around half of the maps have a powerup in them.

8: This story takes for granted that you achieved the best ending in Final Revelations. This is evident when you see that Alma's house now have 2 beds, the tunnelsystem has been changed quite a lot and a note can be found from Lee in that map.

9: In the school map, there is a corpse with a key you need to pick up. That corpse may be Michael (the main protagonist in Brutal Lies and side character from Final Revelations) since he worked as a teacher there and the key the corpse is holding leads to a couple of lockers in the school. If Lee and Alma made it out alive is unkown.

10: There are a total of 3 hallucination sequences in the story + a nightmare scene. Out of all those 4 sequences, half of them can actually be ignored. One by simply walking past the trigger and one if you get killed by a zombie and respawn on the other side of the script trigger.

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