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Here is a second early build of Dragon Plunder, my frantic fantasy platformer for OneGameAMonth

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Play the game here: Cityfortyone-mattgreer.dotcloud.com

I worked on Dragon Plunder a good deal this weekend, so I thought I'd put out another public build looking for feedback. Here's what's changed since the last build:

  • The level is now more fun and playable. It's pretty close to what I envision the first level to be.
  • Player physics changed a lot. They are still not perfect, but getting there. Getting platformer physics down just right is hard!
  • Level Summary screen showing how much gold you gathered, your time, and an overall score. This screen is still quite raw right now.
  • Added mute (press M) and pause (press P)
  • Added spikes and flames for more challenge on later levels (not seen in this build though, first level doesn't introduce those)
  • Got rid of pressing 'C' to float, now you float just like Tanuki Mario (ie, keep holding down jump)
  • Lots of general polish, spit shine and bug fixing

I've also teamed up with a fantastic musician who is working on music and sound effects for the game. Can't wait to get his stuff in, hopefully in the next build.

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