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A basic summary of the game's plot, gameplay and tone.

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Seeing as this is the first post by a designer I figured a good place to start is describing the game a little bit closer to give you all a better understanding of what we are making.

In Saganista (Gemini), as Pontus already explained, you play as a star-god who flies through space and connects stars. The story will be, for lack of a better word, abstract. The player will control the star-god as it chases after another god who is "un-linking" the stars in the constellations. So the player's goal is both to reach the other god and link the stars in the constellations together again.

Gameplay-wise the god is controlled in third person, the game is intended to be played with a game-pad but will support keyboard and mouse as well. The player can fly around in any direction and whenever he or she is within a certain range of a planet; he or she will land on it. The player will then be free to walk around on the planet and explore it. There will be a different number of stars in each star cluster which the player will be able to land on just like the planets. Each star will have at least one altar on it which will blast out a ray of light connecting it to another altar on another star. In order to activate an altar the player needs to collect energy balls scattered across the different galaxies and hidden away on different planets. The player will have to explore the universe in order to restore the constellations.

Despite the fact that you are following another god the game feel will not be stressful or urgent, instead we are aiming to create a calming and relaxing experience where the player feels free to explore and take their time.

Well, that's it for now. The next posts from design are going to focus more explicitly on the design work. I just wanted to give you a general overview of the game before we get into more detailed examples of decisions we've made.

// Erik (Design)

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