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Post news RSS Scrapship -- a strategic top-down shooter! (Demo 3)

Scrapship is a top-down shooter that is more about strategy than memorizing waves of enemies or dodging gratuitous amounts of bullets. This third demo has you use up to 3 upgradeable weapons to face off against 3 different enemies, each with their own behavior. Fight to the end for a preview of things to come!

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The third monthly demo can be played here:



Bombers fire powerful but slow, homing projectiles.


Cruisers warp in as reinforcements when certain conditions are met.


Ships take visible damage when hit.


Controls are kept to a bare minimum for players that are looking for a more casual experience.

- 3 types of enemy spaceships to fight. Fighters, Bombers and Cruisers.

- 3 Upgradeable player weapons. Single laser, Rapid laser and Scrap Cannon!

- Dynamic backgrounds for a more immersive experience!

- Random quantities of enemies and debris.

- Adjustments for volume and window size.

- Sound effects by @mariosello1 (Bot Net: Ramshackle Robots)

- Spaceship designs made in Blender by @another_blender_user

- Programmed in QB64 (Qbasic)

The third monthly demo can be played here:


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