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Here is a document I created for SCP-1903-ORI, hope you like this document.

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Object: SCP-1903-ORI

Object: Keter, Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedure:
The SCP Foundation is forced to only have SCP-1903-ORI 2 days each month to prevent the foundation being destroyed, to represent power, SCP-1903-ORI's containment chamber is made of pure Gold.

SCP-1903-ORI is a male brown haired demon with brown eyes, wearing dark clothing about 6'2" feet.

SCP-1903-ORI appears to be extremely powerful, being able to destroy Titanium and Tungsten walls like it was completely nothing and able a rip apart a Class D Personnel with a punch.

SCP-1903-ORI appears to befriend Keter class SCP's and stops them from attacking, making SCP-1903-ORI a Thaumiel class.

SCP-1903-ORI appears to be stronger then SCP-682.

Dr. Drew: Hello, 1903
SCP-1903-ORI: Well, if it isn't Dr. Andrew! Haven't seen ya in a while!
Dr. Drew: Do you mind explaining what SCP's think of?
SCP-1903-ORI: Well, they kinda hate the foundation and...
Dr. Drew: Continue.
SCP-1903-ORI: They are always planning things to stop the foundation from containing SCP's, and trying to destroy it into pieces, and all of that bad stuff.
Dr. Drew: Why do you appear to be intelligent?
SCP-1903-ORI: Well, no one in The Foundation noticed but I have an IQ level of 237.
Dr. Drew: Incredible...
*05 Class D Personnel-016 walks in*
SCP-1903-ORI: Wait, are you...
*SCP-1903-ORI rips off D Personnel-016's Head*
SCP-1903-ORI: *taking to D Personeel-016's Corpse looking down* You bastard
SCP-1903-ORI: Tried to kill me 2 years ago.
Dr. Drew: I- I guess I'm gonna leave...

A fact has been discovered that the SCP's only desire is to destroy the foundation and that SCP-1903-ORI has an IQ level of 237.

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