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Post news RSS ScourgeBringer last Alpha 6 update, final stretch before the Early Access release!

Here comes the last Alpha update before the Early Access release!

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Hey there!

steamupdate alpha 6

We are pleased to release a new alpha build of ScourgeBringer!

We have implemented many balance changes to items, shop, World 1, the altars, the skill tree, and the Super Fury (special ability). We’ve implemented, improved and fixed many quality of life features within the game as well.

All of these changes are based on the feedback you’ve given us over at the Discord and we can’t thank you enough for taking the time to write out your thoughts on the game.

We also added Steam rich presence support which is a cool neat feature.

We are now off to work on the next step of our game: early access!

You can see our roadmap here.

Feel free to access the Alpha through our Discord server.

Your feedback on previous alphas have been tremendously valuable, so please keep them coming!

You can read the full patch notes after the .GIF showing you the new Super Fury.

Have fun!



gif alpha 06

Patch log:


Updated our engine's runtime to something completely different and new. You can expect better compatibility and performances throughout all OS.

Added high resolution font rendering mode in accessibility settings

Added support for Xbox Live and Windows Store

Added Steam rich presence support (the game will tell to you friends in which world you are currently playing)

Added anonymous analytics support (and a setting to disable them for privacy)

Added a different sound effect to each drone weapons


Reworked the skill tree (some skills have been moved, modified, fused, or entirely replaced by new ones)

Reworked the items (removed irrelevant ones, and added random drops when cleaning rooms)

Reworked the altars (removed irrelevant ones and added more of them)

Reworked the Super Fury to recharge over time instead of using tokens

Moved the combo system to a skill in order to make the learning curve smoother

Removed demo mode (we'll implement a new a better demo mode soon)

Made all button prompts clickable by mouse

The cucumber now has a "purpose"

The shop will now always have one health-related item, one utility items, and a weapon

Introduced new enemies to World 1 (bats) and revamped some of them (flies)

Bosses can now do some zoning to keep the player moving


Fixes game not starting as borderless fullscreen if borderless fullscreen is set

Fixes items tootlip being one over another

Fixed items getting stuck in walls

Fixes Altar of Blood mouse selection

Fixes settings having control issues

Fixes spawning enemy sound looping after game's over

Fixes drone reload meter to wrongly scale to bonus items reducing the reload requirement

Fixes Double-Bleeding altar not giving the correct amount of blood

Fixes typos

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