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Post news Report RSS SCKING, our Quality Assurance (QA) Team Lead, reports his findings, Player Placed objects, and More

QA findings, Player Placed Objects (PPO) and more.

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Recent and previous player reports and .bug's led to an internal investigation of our Network system and found some alarming issues that spurring the need for the upcoming hotfix. SCKING, our Quality Assurance (QA) Team Lead, reports his findings below.

Network Investigation by SCKING

Over the past couple months, our Operations and Development teams have been investigating performance issues with the game. We have made several changes on the physical network, changing hardware, and now we will be coming out with changes in our software. Our next hotfix ( is primarily aimed at our network communications both internally (server<->server) and with the client (client <-> server). We were having an issue where the networking was eating up a large amount of CPU usage on the servers and we have gone in and fixed it. In the process of fixing the CPU issue, the Dev team decided to do some clean up of the networking code as well. We are currently in the final stages of testing to make sure everything is working how it should. In doing this fix, our hope is that we will see some improvements with death lag, auto despawns and other oddities in game. We are hoping to be complete with our testing soon and have a release sometime next week.

Black Smoke

Also included in the upcoming fix, no more black smoke. This was a lighting issue in game that occurred for a few minutes when it's dusk and dawn in game. Game lighting has been tested and fixed.

PPO Adjustments

Some PPO placement and cool down timers will be adjusted in the hotfix. We believe this will enable squads the ability to fortify their "zone of control", increasing battles.

  • Ammo Cache
    • enemy facility minimum distance reduced by 50% (200 meters)
  • Sandbags
    • build time reduced by 25% (15 seconds)
    • cool down timer reduced by 40% (45 seconds)
  • Gun emplacement bunker
    • build timer reduced by 10 seconds
    • cool down timer reduced by 23% (3.5 minutes
  • Foxhole
    • build timer reduced by 34% (10 seconds)
    • cool down timer reduced by 63% (45 seconds)
    • timeout value (time without player interaction before it disappears) doubled (30 minutes)

Campaign 157 Status

As of this article the Allies own 73% of the map. Tier 3 equipment entered the battlefield (US troops, Tiger tanks, etc) providing huge battles... Bastogne, for one, was an epic battle yesterday for both sides! Campaign 157 is far from over.

Thank you for your continuing support! See you in the battlefield SALUTE!

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