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Patch note 0.97: New gameplay feature! It is now possible to carry out scientific researches to try and improve your survival experience throughout your long journey into space. #workinprogress

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Patch note 0.97: Scientific Research

Added new gameplay feature: It is now possible to carry out scientific researches to try and improve your survival experience throughout your long journey into space. Each room has its own specific and unique improvements you can initiate from its Research Panel by simply clicking the Launch button. Up to 186 different researches are available for now, and more to come!

Research System

While running, a Research will consume both Energy (provided by the Generators seated in R29) and Computation Process (provided by every Console of the ship). For every broken Generator, the overall Energy of the ship will decrease. Would the overall Energy be insufficient to continue the ongoing researches, the lacking energy would be derived from the accumulators. Finally, if the energy provided by the accumulators failed to offset the Researches' need, then a random research would be canceled to meet the new energy requirements.

Energy ressources

You can find Research Panels in rooms R06, R09, R28, R29, R30, R31, R39 and R42 ; each of these rooms houses critical systems vital for the survival of the player, be it Oxygen Regeneration, Water Recycling, Pressure Control, Temperature Control... Researches can improve the efficiency of these systems to maximize your chances & resources...

Temperature Control

Every room has their own Research Tree, balanced between a mix of both short and long-term bonuses. For example, in R31 – Water Recycling, one research improves the Water Recycler efficiency (long term bonus) while another research produces Bio-Resin inside the Water Tanks (an useful material, even in the short term).


Some researches are also combo-friendly and should be done as quick as possible. For example, the « Inspired Engineer » series of researches (in R06 – Repair Room) gives the player a morale bonus whenever a research is finished. A pretty useful research one would want to develop early on.


If you feel you may have an Energy shortage in the coming hours, you can pause a research by clicking the Launch/Pause button. That's very handy to prevent any research from being canceled and every item it required to be lost in the process.

Some researches are needed to unlock Craft Panels. For example, researching « Hand Craft Degree » in R06 will unlock the R06 Craft Panel. Craft Panels allow you to craft unique and very powerful items, like the fireproof outfit. Have a look at it, you won't regret it.

Craft Pannel

The hologram system we use for the Research Panels uses easily identifiable icons to differentiate the various scientific research at first glance. It was deemed important to understand the value of a research without having to read its full description.

TEX Research Improved Stamina 3

UP ARROW = Increase

TEX Research Calorie Management

DOWN ARROW = Decrease

TEX Research Battery Creation 1

PLUS = Adds a Positive Effect

TEX Research Twin Processing

MINUS = Removes a Negative Effect

It is quite barely impossible to develop all the researches, even if you are very good player… Choose your priorities wisely and pray that you will not fall into blackout too quickly.

We hope the Scientific Research System will please you, See you on the next update with the introduction to the Craft System.

Keep Surviving !See you soon!

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