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Schein will be taking a short pause from Greenlight. But don’t be alarmed — we will be back!

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Dear fans and supporters,
During the last couple of weeks we got valuable feedback on our public apparance, and we realized that our presentation sucks. People see the screenshots, they watch our trailer, they read the game’s description – but that does not succeed in creating a satisfactory impression of the GAME. Right now there’s a huge gap between experiencing our online presence and experiencing the game itself:
People see the screens and shrug indifferently, saying “so what?”
People play the game and are amazed!

Our goal for the next weeks will be to close this gap. Looking at pictures will never be the same as playing the game, but the better our pictures convey the mood of the game, the more buzz we are able to create with them. And this, my fellow gamers, is what our small, unknown studio requires – buzz! Unfortunately a game’s first days on Greenlight are really significant. We would like to live those first days again – but this time, we want to make it right. And Steam is allowing us to do that! Thus we are taking Schein down from Greenlight to concentrate on a complete revision of our presentation. We are going to overhaul our website, design a new trailer and we will come back with an online presence that will live up to our game Schein.

Under Construction

Until then we will keep posting news and updates on our Facebook page and on Twitter (@scheingame). Stay tuned!

To all of you, who have voted for Schein on Greenlight, THANK YOU! We hope you will do so again, once we’re back. Those of you who are still thinking about it, we hope our new presentation will convince you of Schein’s worth. And all of you who did not like our presentation, we agree, we could’ve done better. We’d be grateful if you would take a second look and give us another chance.

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