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Saving Times, Gravity, and debugging. It appears one of the features that I had the most trouble completing is now finished

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It appears one of the features that I had the most trouble completing is now finished. All levels will finally store the times that you complete them in, and update if you beat them quicker than before. This not only makes me happier as a developer, but also gives players bragging rights to all their favorite achievements. As of now there are no leaderboards, but personal times is far better than nothing. I will release a Demo that is implemented with this feature in the near future.

Faux Gravity his finally come, in layman's terms; gravitational attraction to an object rather than in the linear down direction. After all, it would not be space without having objects flying around each other at alarming speeds. While no levels are currently using faux gravity, I will make sure to put in a few that will let you orbit some planets if you get enough speed.

Finally, the last point of interest is that after being brought to my attention, i managed to fix issues will registered collisions to a wall, and sticking to it. There should no longer be any issues will wall contact in any of the later builds.

In the next recent weeks I will be spitting out some new levels and will post pictures as soon as their ready.


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