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The biggest discount makes this price fall to its lowest ever.

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A belated Happy Thanksgiving to those who participated and celebrate the occasion.

To celebrate, Absolute Territory has been discounted to it's lowest price ever during the Steam Autumn sale until December 1st at 10am Pacific.

If you are looking for good ol' fashioned space combat dogfighting, there has not been a better time to pick up Absolute Territory and blast some alien spaceships.

Finished the campaign and looking for more? Try the Squadron and Gauntlet modes for additional challenges. Why not create, play, and share your own missions with the easy-to-use level editor and Steam Workshop support?

Absolute Territory: The Space Combat Simulator provides:

  • Single-player campaign with 21 missions and 7 Imperial Hegemony starfighters to fly
  • High tech offensive and defensive equipment to protect your empire from the Endophora
  • Instant Action scenarios to practice and improve your combat and survival skills
  • Newtonian style physics balanced for fun
  • Create custom missions with an easy to use and robust Level Editor with access to all 11 Imperial Hegemony and Endophora space fighters, and a full arsenal of weaponry to choose
  • Subscribe and play from a variety of player-made custom missions in the Steam Workshop.

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